Lens Properties

Lens Properties
All order comes with 1.5 prescription single vision lens.  1.5 prescription lens is good only between spherical power -4.00 to +4.00. For stronger prescription, it's better to use Hi-index 1.61 or 1.67 which is thinner and lighter than 1.56 lens.   
We use the best quality lenses which is called Anti-reflective or Multicoated (MC) Lenses.  MC lenses are modern technology that includes both anti-reflection coating and anti-scratch coating.  MC Lens will not only look better but also help you see better because MC lens elminates all reflections.

Multicoated Lenses are super-light/thin and Anti-reflective with Resistance coating.

MC Lenses are available for


  •              Distance Vision

  •              Reading Vision

  •              Bifocal (Distance and Reading)

  •              Multifocal Lenses / Progressive Lenses / Varifocal Lenses

  •              Transition Lenses (Color Change Lens like Photogray or Photobrown)

  •              Hi-Index Lenses (1.67 Hard-coated and super thin lens for stronger prescription such as -4.00 and above)


                    When you order prescription frame, please mention whether you want for Distance only <OR> Reading only <OR>  Bifocal <OR> Varifocal (Multifocals) <OR> Prescription Sunglass.

Lens Information

Sample Single Vision Lens

Sample Progressive Lens

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